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Study in one of the world’s leading destinations for international students, second only to the US. Universities in the UK are some of the most prestigious in the world, are highly ranked and thereby are well recognized by employers worldwide.

With over 50,000 courses and 100+ universities to select from, this gives students a wide choice in selecting the field of study, and institutions offer highly specialised education in the chosen field. The UK also has a reputation for world-class research. The universities provide students with internships and placement opportunities helping them to gain valuable experience.

Study in a rich historic atmosphere and stunning architecture and gain a specialized qualification that is unbeatable, So, Move Forward. Be Great !!

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    Thames International girl near to London bridge express her idea Why Should You Study in United Kingdom

    Why Should You Study in United Kingdom ?

    The UK is the best country in the world for education, says a study by US News & World Report. UK is one of the world’s leading destinations for international students, second only to the USA. UK universities are among the best in the world, and consistently perform well in world rankings. They also have a reputation for world-class research and British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation.

    Group of student says about Education System in UK presented by Thames International

    Education System in United Kingdom

    The tertiary education sector is one of the world’s best. Education in United Kingdom is a student-centred pathway providing continuous learning progression and practical training. …

    The Girl inYellow blouse represents for Student Visa Requirements in UK for Thames International

    Student Visa Requirements in United Kingdom

    First of all you should have to secure an offer of placement from a university. It has to be an unconditional offer letter, to proceed immigration process. The required documents for the unconditional offer, listed as below. Documentation provided has to be accurate and verifiable and must meet the stipulated guidelines.

    This British girl represents Thames International for Universities in UK

    Partner Universities in United Kingdom

    United Kingdom is emerging as one of the topmost preferences among students wanting to study abroad. From broad opportunities for study and research and the quality learning experience to …


    Cost of Studying in United Kingdom

    A Thames International Girl Represents The Cost of Studying in UK

    The tuition fee and the living expenses are what a student has to primarily incur. The affordability of the expenses must be carefully considered.

    Scholarships for UK Studies

    This British college girl represents for Scholarships for UK Studies

    Many universities offer their own financial assistance, and you can check their websites for more information. Many of these international scholarships are based on academic merit. The value will vary from GBP 1,000 – GBP 10,000. Academic Excellence Awards, Sports Scholarships and scholarships covering accommodation are few offered. In addition to which, the British government and several international governing bodies also offer scholarships such as Chevening Scholarship, the Commonwealth Scholarship and the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

    Employment Opportunities in UK

    This England office lady represents Employability Opportunities in UK

    You can work part-time while you are studying, enabling you to cover your living expenses, fully International students who study a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at a recognised university are allowed to

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