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Scholarships for New Zealand Studies

There are many scholarships for international students – including PhD scholarships and scholarships for Masters’ degree offered by the New Zealand Government, educational institutes and benefactors. Scholarships are based on merit such as academic excellence, a proven track record of outstanding achievements in sports, competency in English language, etc.

While it is a good idea to apply for scholarships, you should keep in mind that most international student scholarships are very competitive and are based on academic merit. Most scholarships have non-negotiable criteria and requirements. Don’t apply for a scholarship unless you fit all the criteria and can meet all the requirements.

Improve your chances of applying successfully for a scholarship by:

  1. Checking if you are eligible
  2. Submit your application early
  3. Provide all required information and certified copies of all your documents
  4. Be patient as the institute will take some time to assess your scholarship application

The New Zealand Government offers these New Zealand Scholarships:

New Zealand Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate study

These are full tertiary scholarships for eligible international students to study fulltime at a New Zealand education institution or a Pacific university.

New Zealand English Language Training for Officials Scholarships (NZELTO)

These are short scholarships for government officials from eligible African and Asian countries to come to New Zealand for English language training.

Other Available Scholarships:

  1. Academic scholarships are offered for postgraduate level studies in universities. These scholarships will start from NZD 5,000 and can range up to NZD 10,000
  2. Free accommodation may be offered for some programmes by certain education providers from 2 weeks to 16 weeks
  3. Sport Scholarships are offered to elite amateur athletes and officials, who are recognised nationally in a squad or team. The value awarded is decided by the Trust and depends on several factors including the level of competition and where it’s being held

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