Universities and TAFE Institutes in Australia brought you by Thames International

Universities and Institutes in Australia

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    Partner Universities

    Southern Cross University Logo brought you By Thames International

    Southern Cross University

    Location: Sydney | Melbourne | Perth

    Charles Sturt University Logo

    Charles Sturt University

    Location: Sydney | Melbourne

    Charles Darwin UniverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsLogo brought you By Thames International

    Charles Darwin University

    Location: Darwin                                        

    Swinburne university logo

    Swinburne University

    Location: Sydney

    IIBIT and Federation Logo brought you By Thames International

    IIBIT - Federation University

    Location: Sydney | Adelaide                

    Victoria University Sydney Logo brought you By Thames International

    Victoria University - Sydney

    Location: Sydney                                   

    Partner Institutes


    Flinders University
    TAFE South Australia
    Edith Cowan University
    University of Southern Queensland 

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