Why Should You Use an Education Agent?

When you’re planning to study internationally there is a lot to consider. Whatever your priorities are, you want to be sure that the location and institution you ultimately decide to study at, is the right choice for you.

Thames International Educational consultancy Agent

An education agent provides educational advice, support and placement to students in a local market who are interested in studying abroad. Professional educational advising is increasingly seen as an essential service and it is common practice for prospective students to use an education agent when seeking placement in an educational institution abroad. In some countries 60 – 80% of international students have some kind of interaction with education agencies and advisors.

Most institutes work in partnership with education agents to ensure that International students receive accurate and relevant information before they arrive and recommend these education agents to assist prospective students in their research about their courses.

A qualified education agency can give you information about your course options and give advice to help you choose where to study. They can also help you submit an international application to your chosen institute. Education agents are also able to advise you on topics such as study location, local transportation, cost of living, social etiquette, cultural and social life, student visas, accommodation, travel and more.

 Education agents work together with educational institutes and are able to provide prospective students with most up to date information on courses, fees, immigration requirements etc. and could considerably reduce your workload by taking on the responsibility of a major part of the process with your application to your chosen institute and provide you with accurate and up to date information on requirements to apply for a student visa to your chosen study destination.

Some countries provide training and maintain agency partnership programs to ensure that prospective international students are provided with accurate and ethical information and guidance.

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